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Dance and object theatre piece created by Tubo and Martin Hasselgren. Co-produced with Unga Dramaten, supported by Kultuttådet, Region Stockholm and Konstnärsnämnden. ”Odd” premiered at Dansens Hus 22 March 2024. The show will run at the Royal Dramatical Theatre in Stockholm, November 2024. More dates will be announces shortly.

Words from the press:


”..a performance full of tenderness and finess.”

”..amidst an audience of middle school kids, you can almost touch the wonder as four luxuriously skilled, mature dancers make wordless but sharp reflections on body, dance, music.”

”It’s anything but awkward when the duo Tubo turns inside out on the dance. Istead it’s striking how insightfully the right is turned outwards, visible to stunned eleven-twelve-year-olds.”

Svenska Dagbladet:

”..pure, blossoming dance joy, where the classical technique is the basis, but soon the body parts start to live their own mischievous life.”

”The choreography is intricately rich in associations and the dancers are expressively personal. ”Odd” is an astonishing and invigorating dance injection.”

On stage

Oscar Salomonsson, Hugo Therkelson, Tobias Ulfvebrand och Jeanette Wren/Ninna Oom.

Director and producer

Martin Hasselgren

Choreography and music

TUBO (Tobias Ulfvebrand & Hugo Therkelson)

Sound design

Hugo Therkelson


FWW Arkitektkontor

Costumes and objects

Lisa Kjellgren Almstig

Light design

Michael Forsberg

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